Suddle Creations Gallery

"   A     Creation     A    Day    Keeps    the    Doctor    Away   "

1301 West Lafayette #100
Detroit, MI 48226

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 3pm-7pm
           Saturday noon-7pm
            & by appointment
Closed between Exhibition dates

Suggested Admission : $2.00

1301 West Lafayette Detroit, MI 48226
Contact Information: | 313-300-9980 | 1301 West Lafayette Blvd. #100, Detroit, MI 48226

History & Mission : Founded in 1993 by Nivek Monet for the purpose of personal work space and developed into a space for other creative individuals to showcase work. 

The Suddle Creations’ Gallery showcases local artists and introduces the community to a wide array of artistic expressions. Fine art, photography, jewelry, sculpture, fashion, books and greeting cards will be displayed. Interactive talks with the artists will also be a draw to educate viewers on the mindset and educational background of these regional artists. Performing artist also adds intriguing and excitement to many events.